The ChainBuilder Team


Robert Pahle,
Development Lead

Dr. Pahle is responsible for business and technology development, integration, and guidance of projects at the GeoDa Center. He directs a team of professionals and students. His focus areas are decision support systems, integration and workflow processes, visualization, database management, high-performance computing and user interaction. One of Dr. Pahle’s significant milestones in technology development has been the creation of an innovative framework (complex systems framework, now ChainBuilder) which is capable of integrating disparate models and simulations. In addition, he works with GIS databases and the parallelization of GIS analytics.

Julia Koschinsky

Julia Koschinsky is the Research Director of the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago. She has been conducting and managing research funded through federal awards of over $8 million to gain insights from the spatial dimensions of urban challenges in housing, health, and the built environment.

Our Developers

Mahender Reddy B

Mahender is a graduate student pursuing his master's in computer science here at ASU. He works as a front end developer with us. He enjoys working with algorithms and its possible real life applications. His natural aptitude for mathematics, a sense of logic, analytical ability clearly makes him a reliable asset to the team.

Ravikiran Tangirala

Ravikiran is a computer science, graduate student at ASU. His main area of interests are robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has experience in embedded technologies, android app and web development, these have augmented his broad skill-set. He wants to work on ideas that can make a difference.

Naga Venkata Krishna Chaitanya Jetti

Chaitanya is a Masters student in Computer Science at Arizona State University. His interests are natural language processing, machine learning, data analytics and web development. His skills include NodeJS, Python, PHP, C and Android application development. He is interested in making well optimized and easy to use products which can make an impact on the users.

Kapil Gupta

Kapil is pursuing a Masters degree in Software Engineering at ASU. He completed Bachelor degree in Computer Science. His areas of interest include web and mobile app development, REST API development and machine learning. He has worked with Java, Javascript, AngularJS, JSP, PHP, Struts, Hibernate, and RESTful web services. He is passionate about problem-solving using data structures and algorithms.

Abhishek Bhat

Abhishek is a computer science graduate student at Arizona State University.He has three years of work experience developing content management systems. His area of interests includes Data mining and Machine learning. He is proficient in C, Java, JSP and Android App Development. He is passionate about coding and has a penchant for problem-solving.

Kawshik Karur Rangaraju

Kawshik is a Computer Science Masters student at Arizona State University with a Bachelor's in computer science and 2 years experience as a web developer at Infosys. He has a passion for making things faster and simpler, a key trait to have in software development.

Abhishek Chandrasekaran

Abhishek is pursuing a master's degree in computer science at Arizona State University and has previously worked as a software developer with SAP Labs. His interests include machine learning, software architecture and web application development. He looks to constantly broaden his skill set while trying to solve real world problems with simple solutions.

Ashish Sirohi

Ashish is a Computer Science graduate student at Arizona State University and he is passionate about core areas in the Computer Science ranging from high-level Algorithms & Data Structures to low-level computation involving kernels & processes. He loves coding and uses his spare time & coding skills to building new things, solving real-life problems etc. As a professional, he has 2 years industry experience in Web development (both front and back-end) and here also he is working on the same. Like Elon, he also believes that we are living in a simulation.

Dilip Mallya Kasargod

Dilip is a Master's student in Computer Science at Arizona State University. He has one year experience as a back-end developer for Airport IT at Amadeus Labs and his interests are back-end development, image processing, and data analytics. His skills include Java, Python, PHP and C/C++. He is interested in coding challenges, code optimization and is a technology enthusiast.

Venkatesh Rajagopalan

Venkatesh is currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Arizona State University.He has completed a web development intern with Kompac Digital Systems, India. He is proficient in C/C++,Java and Python. His area of interests include Data Analytics and Algorithms. Consistently commended by professors and internship supervisor for programming abilities, grasp of multiple technologies and attention to detail.

Priyekant Aghi

Priyekant is a Computer Science graduate student at Arizona State University. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and 2 years of experience as a Software Developer with Samsung Research Institute. His area of interest includes Mobile Computing and Machine learning. He is proficient in C, C++ and Android App Development.

Our Modelers

Heather Fischer

Heather Fischer is a PhD student in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban planning at Arizona State University. She studies Volunteered Geographic Information and Spatial Decision Support Systems. As a modeler for Chainbuilder she develops decision support tools for agriculture and water resource management.

Our Designers

Fei Teng

Fei (Fiona) is a graduate student at Arizona State University, majoring in Visual Communication Design. After she interned in a mobile company called MI worked for a reading software application, she interested in user experience design (UX), which is designing how a person feels when using a system. She believes the goal of UX designer is to enhance users’ feeling. She aspires to stay curious and continually seeks professional opportunities in visual communication design.

Qiner Wang

Qiner is a Master student in Visual Communication Design at ASU. She completed her Bachelor degree in Accounting at ASU. During her undergraduate, she designed mobile theme icons for Android/IOS and got millions of downloads. She enjoys designing, and enjoys a life as a graphic designer.

Past Team Members

Kashyap Bhansali

Kashyap is pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science at ASU. He loves to work on the user facing side of products. His keen interests include working on User-Interface Development and Applied Machine Learning. He loves to participate in Hackathons and has won a few of them. He believes in working on things that could make a difference. He possesses a broad set of skill sets and has experience with all parts of the technology stack.

Suraj Shah

Suraj is a diligent and tenacious software professional pursuing his Master's in Computer Science at Arizona State University. He is a fun loving, out-of-the-box thinker and a code junkie, along with being a startup enthusiast. Suraj is highly motivated and has been a project owner/platform engineer at the previous company he worked at; heading a team of 4. He is fluent in Python, Java, Android, C, C++ among other languages and is interested in applied algorithms and data science. He has experience in building RESTful APIs and native Android Apps.

Tanmay Patil

Tanmay is a highly-driven and adaptable software engineer experienced with large and complex code bases. He is customer-focused and works well with all departments of a software organization. His strengths include: Object Oriented development, Backend Development, Data mining, Multi-threaded programming, Full stack Development, Mobile Development and more. He wants to work on world class software that makes an impact.

Tushar Pandey

Tushar is a graduate student pursuing his Masters in Computer Software Engineering at ASU. He pursued his Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim, India. He has good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and related processes. His area of interest is software web development, data visualization and databases.

Aditya Vallabhajosyula

Aditya is pursuing his Master's degree in Computer Science at ASU with an emphasis on Distributed systems and Algorithms. He has past experience in backend development and was part of multi-threaded and cloud computing application development teams. His current interests include perfomance and scalablity of distributed applications. He is aiming to be a full stack developer.

Saloni Shah

Saloni is pursuing her Master’s degree in Computer Science at ASU. Her interest areas include Software Development, Web Development and Data Visualization. As a member of the development team of ChainBuilder, her responsibilities are focused on designing the front end, programming modules and creating a variety of data visualizations.

Karthik Ramesh

Karthik completed his Master's degree in Computer Science at ASU with a focus on Mobile application development, Data Analytics and Data Visualization. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India. As a member of the development team of ChainBuilder, his responsibilities include programming modules which add to the functionality of the existing system and creating a variety of data visualizations.

Nitesh Dhanpal

Nitesh completed his Master's degree in Computer Science at ASU with a focus on distributed Systems. He has past experience in cloud orchestration, integration and infrastructure automation. As a Developer in ChainBuilder, his responsibilities include developing python web services, building Openstack cloud and creating a variety of data visualizations.

Lori Long
Graphic Designer

Lori completed the graduate program for Visual Communication and Design at ASU. She was the Co-Events Coordinator for the graduate program student body organization which she helped to start, Association of Visual Communication and Design. Her design work explores a vivid color palette, handmade work and other tactile objects that are infused with tried and true typefaces. Her current work examines the human memory and how relates to various design projects.

Ling Wei
Graphic Designer

Ling completed a Master's of Visual Communication student at Arizona State University. She holds a BA of Mass Communication degree from Idaho State University. She is actively looking professional practice opportunities in branding and marketing industry.

Jay Laura
Developer & Modeler

Dr. Laura is currently with the US Geological Service in Flagstaff. His research interests include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Python: Big Data Manipulation, Remotely Sensed Planetary Data Analysis, and more. He has worked at both the USGS Astrogeology Department and Penn State Lunar Lion.

Claudine Gravel-Miguel,

Claudine Gravel-Miguel is a PhD candidate in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. She studies the impact of climate change on prehistoric social networks, using paleoclimate reconstructions and agent-based models. As a modeler for Chainbuilder, she develops tools to facilitate visualization of complex simulation outputs.

Yixin Cao
Graphic Designer,
GeoDa Center

Yixin Cao (Milo) is a graduate student in the Master of Visual Communication Design (MVCD) program at Arizona State University (ASU). She is driven by curiosity as it relates to a passion for design. She involved in several experience based interfaces for software projects, such as a user experience and visual design. Her skills in info-graphic design, illustration, Photoshop, Sketch, CSS and HTML strongly support her ability to present complex data and to develop the easy-to-use system that improves efficiency of operations on websites, smartphones and tablets simultaneously.

Evan Tieslink
Project Manager,
GeoDa Center

Evan is a graduate student in Science and Technology Policy, focusing on decision making and policy informatics, at the Consortium for Science, Policy, & Outcomes. He graduated from ASU in 2013 with majors in History and Political Science, a minor in Religious Studies, and certificates in International Studies, Islamic Studies, and Religion & Conflict. As a Barrett Honors College student, he wrote his undergraduate history thesis on the relationship between ‘unofficial’ Islamic groups and the Karimov government in post-Soviet Uzbekistan.

Michelle Vered
Lead Project Researcher,
GeoDa Center

Michelle Vered is a Ph.D. student in the Field of Economics at Cornell University. Her research is in labor economics and the economics of education, with a particular focus on the impact of race and gender on labor market and educational outcomes. At GeoDa, she served as the lead project researcher, compiling and analyzing data using the software. She also worked in database design and management as well as development of the Complex Systems Framework. She was involved with data collection, management, and analysis and was heavily involved in the design and programming of ACUTE’s visualizations.

Kevin Leung
Graphic Designer,
GeoDa Center

Kevin Leung graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. When not burning alive in the Sonoran Desert that he calls home, he enjoys reading about Tudor-era England and listening to k-pop. His favorite designers are James White and Olly Moss.

Kelley Gullo
Accounts Coordinator,
GeoDa Center

Kelley graduated from ASU in 2015 with honors B.S. degrees of Marketing and of Economics with a minor in Anthropology. She joined the team in 2012 and primarily worked on maintaining and testing developments of the software, conducting project background research, and maintaining business operations. Kelley left the team in 2013 for internships at a business intelligence company and at US Airways.
Currently, Kelley is attending a Marketing doctoral program at Duke University.

Joey Raiton
Graphic Designer,
GeoDa Center

Joey is an Arizona State University student working towards a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Digital Culture. He has lived in Arizona for all of his life. When he is not working on school projects, he is busy freelance designing for various clients and working as the Senior Graphic Specialist for ASU’s premier business organization “ENACTUS.” He is also the Student Academic Mentor for the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts within Barrett, the Honors College. At GeoDa, Joey advises on the creation of graphics for the presentations in order to convey a better sense of communication between the information and the public.

Prem Randeria
Software Developer,
Decision Theater

Prem is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Computing Science with a major in Multimedia Database Management Systems. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in IT-Software Engineering at D.J.Sanghvi College Of Engineering in Mumbai,India. Prem has a penchant for programming exemplified by his expertise in object oriented languages, web languages, and Android and Facebook application development. Prem worked on the Complex Systems Framework and is responsible for development and the integration of modules. He also assisted in developing the backend software that drives the decision environments.

Jaycen Horton
Project Team Member,
GeoDa Center

Jaycen Horton is an Arizona State University alumni with a B.S.P. in Urban Planning and a certificate in Geographic Information Sciences. With a strong personal background in computer sciences and technologies, Jaycen played an instrumental role at the Complex Systems Framework (now ChainBuilder) in the fields of computational automation, software/web development, predictive and autonomous data mining, data processing, natural user interfacing, geographic information systems, and computer-human interaction. Additionally, Jaycen was key in the creation, design and implementation of innovative technologies for decision-making environments, including remotely operated telepresence robots, large-scale touchscreens, high-capacity storage pods, web frameworks and more.

Adam Stranieri
Research & Business Analyst,
Decision Theater


Adam’s role in the team was as a research and business analyst where he assisted in model development projects and attended to operational and client needs. Adam also completed a Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning where he participated in creating a downtown development plan for the Town of Marana, worked with the ASU Decision Theater, and interned with the Phoenix Planning & Development Department and the Arizona State Senate. Adam also holds a BA in Sustainability with a concentration in urban dynamics. He currently works on the zoning team with the Phoenix Planning & Development Department.

Belinda Chiu
Research Assistant,
Decision Theater

During her time with the development team, Belinda researched policy issues in public health, solar power, water conservation, urban planning and development, and sustainability. She also leveraged data visualization, presentations, graphic design, and programmed simulations to communicate complex information to decision-makers.Her top skills include SAS, analytics, data analysis, program management, research, data warehousing, and community outreach.

Ricardo Leon
Multimedia Assistant,
Decision Theater

Trained as a multimedia artist, Ricardo brought his skills in art and video to meet the design challenges of Decision Theater’s unique seven screen immersive theater environment. Ricardo currently works a double-duty position as a Media Specialist for ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation’s Marketing and Communication department as well as their Academic Innovation department, creating instructional media and producing an instructional design podcast. He is also candidate in the Curb MA program in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership at the Herberger Institute.

Dhiren Navani

Dhiren is a masters student in computer science at Arizona State University. His interests are service oriented development, data analytics, data visualization and object oriented development. His skills include Java, C#, Python, R and software quality assurance. He is an idea person and loves to optimize the routine tasks and thereby add value.

Zoey Tien
Graphic Designer,
GeoDa Center

Zoey is currently a Masters student in Visual Communication Design at ASU, trying to envision artistry by utilizing the diverse media of photography, typography, three-dimensional modeling, and illustration. After receiving a Multimedia Design Bachelors Degree in 2013, she interned for Nokia UX Department and then worked for the Software Branch of Alibaba Group in Beijing. Her former works cover the Brand Visual Identities, Mobile Applications, Interaction Designs, and Systematic Visual Guidelines.

Zhenqi Wang
Graphic Designer,
GeoDa Center

Zhenqi Wang graduated from Tsinghua University in China and she is currently a master's of Visual Communication student at Arizona State University. She is trying to create more love, happiness and beauty by exploring her visual language, which is her longterm interest.

Anusha Rajan

Anusha is pursuing a master's degree in computer science at Arizona State University. As a former API developer, she has worked with REST and SOAP based web services for two years. She is a backend developer and her languages of choice are Java and Python. Her interests include REST-based API development and data mining. She loves hackathons and coding challenges.

Tiffany Lam
Business Lead

Tiffany is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management at the W.P. Carey School of Business. Tiffany joined GeoDa center in 2013. She works to manage all business activities related to ChainBuilder, including but not limited to account management, marketing strategies, public relations, print media, and website design. Her focus is on enabling ChainBuilder to provide exemplary benefits to stakeholders.